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Reiki One training.

November 24th 2018.


You have heard of Reiki or a friend has? You have experienced a Reiki treatment and want to know more? 

Reiki Level One training is the first step in your journey. It is about learning to use this wonderful healing energy primarily on yourself, then family and friends, pets and animals and far more. It can be the foundation of your Spiritual journey.

Reiki, is a hands on healing technique that was discovered by Dr Usui in Japan in the late 1800's. It is a simple technique that can be used to help with many situations, ailments and to help eliviate the stresses and strains of modern living.

Why chose me as your teacher? There are many teachers out there, some will resonate with you, others won't. I have over 10 years teaching experience and nearly 20 years working with Reiki energy. I teach only small groups maximum of 4 to 6 in a group. So you all get attention. I teach in a relaxed manner, but know that by the end of the day you understand Reiki, its precepts, History, hand positions. I have a very short teaching lineage , so I haven't added what is interesting, but not strictly Reiki. I haven't taken away any of the teachings. 

You will be working with your Reiki Guides. You will learn the hand positions and you will need to complete 21 days of self healing as part of you homework. 

You will recieve a course book and your certificate will be awarded on completion of your homework

2019 training dates now available, check out the facebook page events to book your place. 

hands on 

 Reiki One Training Dates for  2019 -  February 23rd, May 18th August 17th and October 19th

Reiki Two Training Days are Saturday March 30th or Saturday September 14th.

If you are unable to make it to the Cheltenham area and would still like to learn Reiki, then if you can find a venue and a group of 6 people I can look at coming to you



Wand Making Workshop


New dates to follow  -  10am – 4pm.

A fun day choosing, blessing and decorating your own wand.

We have a supply of crystals, feathers, shells, leather, ribbons, wire, tools etc. You supply imagination, Bring along anything personal you would like to incorporate

We start with a meditation, on our intentions. Followed by a short walk in nature*, to connect to Mother Earth and find our wand base. We do have some pre dried bases here. We then return to the creation station, to create our wands, share stories and inspiration.

We will bless the wands and imbue them with our wishes.

Please bring with you a packed lunch and indoor shoes.

Refreshments are available throughout the day. (Tea, Redbush, fruit teas and coffee, water, cow and goat milk).

Limited to 6 places. £45

*Weather dependent.

Law of Attraction in the real world- Day One

New date to follow – 10 am – 4pm

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction and at some stage, may have even tried to practice it. This workshop is the first of two.

This first day of two, deals with our mind set and how we can change it to attract more of what we need and less of what we don’t need in to our lives. We look at what is holding us back and what repeat patterns we return to on default mode. We look at how we word our story and how we change it. There will be laughter, tears and a good few “light bulb” moments.

We will learn to look into ourselves.

Please bring with you a notebook that resonates with you, as this going to be the base of your journal. Please also bring your lunch and an open mind. Tea/ coffee etc provided.

There will be some homework before we complete day 2.

Limited to 6 places.  Cost £120 for both days, in advance.

Law of Attraction in the real world- Day Two.

New date to follow 10am – 4pm.

Following on from day One, today we work on creating your Vision, making it bigger and making it clearer.

Today YOU create YOUR VISION via a vision board; we tailor it to where you want to be. So, with this in mind, if you have special images you want to include, please bring this with you. We will build in clarity and focus. We will look again at how you feel about you, and what you want or what you think you deserve. We will set realistic time frames, look at the importance of journaling. We work on the importance of self belief.

We supply the clip frame, scissors and generic images etc.

Please bring your packed lunch. Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Again places limited to 6 and those who have attended day 1.

Rediscovering your Divine Feminine.

A 2 day journey of discovery.

Women only. New 2019 dates to be confirmed – 10am – 5pm

As we live and rush round in this modern era, we have lost touch with our glorious Inner Feminine. We live in a world where smashing the fabled glass ceiling can be done, but we do it from the masculine not the feminine perspective. We have lost touch with our nurturing nature, we see our feminine essence as a weakness not a strength. This workshops addresses this, showing that balance between the Feminine and Masculine is key, not just in our personal lives, but humanity as a whole.

There will be discussion, self examination of our views of ourselves. There will be meditation, movement and a visit to a sacred site.

Refreshments provided. Please bring an open heart, notebook, outdoor wear and indoor shoes.

Cost £120 for both days.

Discovering the Inner Feminine Balance for Men – 1 day New 2019 date to be confirmed

Life is about balance. This workshop introduces the idea of balance, between masculine and feminine attributes. That showing some “feminine “ feelings is not a weakness, but is actually a strength that can be liberating and freeing.

We will discuss what we think these attributes are, looking back at our backgrounds to see where the seeds were planted. You will not be wearing make-up or dressing up in skirts. You will be sharing ideas and laughter.

This workshop will help you understand yourself, your partner and your relationship with your mother/grandmother.

Bring along a packed lunch, notepad, outdoor clothing (boots /coat) and more importantly an open mind

Limited to 6 places on this occasion. £50.

Empowering your Inner Warrior.

1 day introductory workshop November 2018  – 10am – 4pm

Annoyed with yourself for not getting your point across? Frustrated that you take the easy option or people take you for granted?

Today we work on finding your inner strength and your VOICE.

Refreshments provided. Please bring a packed lunch. Cost £50

Reiki training and attunements throughout the year, please message me for details

Keep an eye out on here, the Facebook page and the Twitter and instagram  feed for further details.

Customer Comments

Alex is full of vibrant positive energy and I defy anyone who goes to see her to come out not feeling more energised and positive about themselves when they leave. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex whatsoever  (SJ)

- SJ