Reiki & Karuna Reiki ®

Have you got or suffer from niggling or severe pains and aches in your neck/back/joints? Arthritis? Migraines? Headaches? Do you struggle with sleep? Is it interrupted? Do you find it hard to relax or find it difficult to cope with life? Then maybe I can help...

The above isn't an exhaustive list, but can give a general idea of what I may be able to help you with.

Using Reiki I may be able to relieve or lessen the aches and pain you feel. Some of my clients notice straight away, others over night or the next day or later, when they do things as if there wasn't an ache / pain or stiffness. They then realise something has happened.

As Reiki practionar we are not allowed to claim to be healers, nor can we claim to be able to help everyone. BUT, from testimonials I have received and from feedback I know I brought relief to a lot of people (and animals/pets)

One client has experienced severely debilitating migraines, weekly, for nearly forty years. They are now down to manageable headaches that appear occasionally and she is no longer taking strong medication.

When I see clients leave me in a relaxed state, with colour back in their faces, no longer looking tired and drawn, I know something wonderful has happened.

I started my training at the turn of the centuary and became a Reiki Master in the summer of 2008. If have since gone on to train in Karuna Reiki to Master level. The traditional Usui Reiki is a wonderful gentle healing technique. It uses your Ki energy or Chi as it also known. Reiki is Universal Life Energy. The energy flows to where it is needed.

As the client you can either lay (fully clothed) on the treatment table or sit in a chair, which ever is most comfortable for you. A standard treatment is usually an hour.

Usui Reiki can be performed on children and animals as well as adults. With animals, there is no placebo effect and if they don't want the healing at all or want to cut the treatment short they will let you know. Reiki can help animals (and children) be calmer and more relaxed and can be used to help facilitate the speeding up of  the healing process. It is never used instead of medical advice and no Reiki practioner will diagnose a medical issue. Reiki energy can also be sent distantly.

There are a few contra-indications that should be highlighted. Caution must be used when the client has a pacemaker fitted and also around some one with diabetes as the energy change could affect insulin levels. If in doubt contact your doctor before hand. Reiki should never be used on a fresh break whether animal or human, it must be set first.

As a Karuna Reiki® therapist I have already trained and worked with Usui traditional Reiki for many years and I had attained the level of Reiki Master before I could be considered to undertake further training and go onto to work with Karuna Energy. It is a more directional and focussed type of energy work. It can be tailored to more personal and individual issues and needs, and as it is more specific, the targeted issues can be focussed on and changes brought about.

Treatments can be tailored to help heal on a cellular level, help heal past life issues, traumas, karmic issues, unconscious patterns, shadow-self issues, helps heal relations hips, develop good habits, helps with addictions, helps develop compassionate actions, phsycic development, helps clear mind, with determination, helps manifest goals, improves communication, learning ability, increases creativity, helps with creating priority, helps heal co dependence, helps with dealing with insomnia, fear or panic.

Reiki Training courses are conducted throughout the year, usually on a one to one basis. My lineage is available to view. I am only 6 people from source so my teachings are taught as close to the original teachings of Dr Usui and Hayashi as I can. I DO NOT do distant attunements as this is not what was original taught. Reiki is a "Hands on " healing technique and that is what I teach.

Customer Comments

Alex is full of vibrant positive energy and I defy anyone who goes to see her to come out not feeling more energised and positive about themselves when they leave. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex whatsoever  (SJ)

- SJ