We introduced reflexology  to Cotswold Holistics in 2018. It is now a firm favourite with many clients.

Your feet and your hands mirror your body. They are like a map , with your spine, shoulders, ankle and lymph system and the rest of your body reflected on areas of yor foot. It goes back thousands of years and across continents, even shown on Eygptian wall art. It was developed individually in regions of the east and and transferred to Europe, possibly by Marco Polo in the 13th centuary.


By applying pressure in various ways and techniques, to predetermined points on the foot, it can help ease tension, induce deep relaxation, aid better sleep and a feeling of wellbeing. It is known to benefit various medical conditions too.


Please note: I can not and will not diagnose, but i may suggest you visit your Doctor.


It is advisable after a treatment to drink plenty of fluids , prefferably water and rest.

Customer Comments

I am now a Reiki Practitioner thanks to the lovely Alex. She is a fabulous teacher who has an abundance of knowledge. Alex doesn’t rush you and repeating something until you get it right is not a problem. If you would like to train to be a Reiki Practitioner like myself I would highly recommend Alex she is bubbly, supportive and thorough ..... lovely lovely lady ?

- AD