Crystal Healing

I have been training and working with Reiki energy for over 10 years and started the journey by chance. I have since gone on to become a Reiki Master and pass on my skills. Over 12 years ago I started to work with crystals. Crystal therapy has added a new dimension to my healings. Come and try something a little different. Crystal Healing has been around for millenia in various forms. It works on many levels too.

This range of therapies can help alleviate tension, help with relaxation and help with the ability to regain focus. The therapies can help on both a physical and emotional levels. They can also help with tension in muscles which can be caused when we don't let go of an issue. It can help eliviate issues with your past too

Crystal Triangle

3 point healing - a very relaxing experience where you either lie on the massage bed (clothed) in a crystal triangle and crystal quartz is used to take out negative energies and put in positives, then I work on the 7 main chakras to find out which areas need a little help.

I help open them up for release and balance and then gentle close them afterwards. This healing is gentle, but can help highlight where help or further work is required. It can be quite energising and enlightening.

Crystal Egg Healing

This is an interesting introduction to crystal Healing, it can be quite gentle. You sit in the healing space and using a crystal egg from my collection I work with your energy field. The egg is chosen by intuition, usually corresponding with an issue you either want or know needs looking into.

I scan you from top to toe front and back, making notes of things that I find. We then discuss your feelings and I show you what I found. No two readings are ever the same. I then seal this healing.

12 point healing

This healing is performed in two "strengths". The basic layout and principal way it is performed is the same for both levels.

For this healing you lie on a on the ground (or treatment table, if the floor is not suitable for you) and are surrounded by a grid of 12 clear quartz points. A Further three or seven layers of crystals are added to this configuration are added depending on the level of healing required.
The layers correspond with the number of layers of your Aura we are working on either 3 or 7. The crystals for the layers correspond with the colours for the layers we are working on.

Once you are in this safe space, I start by scanning you and removing any negative build-ups, re-scanning and putting in positive energy. I make notes of my findings to discuss with you at the end of the session.

As with all my crystal healings the therapy is conducted with Reiki energy, please state when booking whether it is the 3 layer or 7 layer healing you are interested in. Please note the 7 layer can take approximately and hour and fifteen minutes to complete.

Amplified Colour Healing

Utilising the vibrations of the crystals in a placement around you , along with the coloured scarves you have been drawn to. The crystals amplify the healing capacity of the colours. Colour therapy has long been known to work. You know about choosing colours for your rooms or decor and how they can affect your mood. This healing works on those lines. there are a dozen silky scarves to chose from. Intuition is used for their placement around you and on you. 

Crystals are then placed on the scarves , to amplify the colours abilty to help you.

These sessions are around an hour long.

Crystal Healing

We use 12 large quartz points , along with selenite and rose quartz in a grid formation around the therapy table. You are in a relaxed state, surrounded by their healing vibrations. We use other crystals too and these are chosen depending on your personal requirements. 

We may use singing bowls or my beautifully handcrafted drum or ratles too.

When we have finished , the crystals used are paced in a "Flower of Life grid" and you are sent a photograph of this personalised grid, that has been charged with Reiki energy too, so you can meditate on it or just connect with its energies later on

This is a very personalised therapy.

Customer Comments

Yet again Alex knows exactly where I’m at and what I need to enable me to move forward and make the necessary changes! If you feel the need, don’t hesitate....cannot recommend highly enough. A heady mix of crystal healing, tears and laughter, thanks Alex    (LB)

- LB