‘Tis the season to be jolly


December is the month that closes the year. It is the month of different celebrations throughout the world. Whatever your beliefs you can’t failed to have noticed the chill in the air, getting chillier. The daylight hours shrinking and the dark winter evenings stretching out.

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So it begins...

Each year feels like it is getting quicker than the last. Is it age or is it because we have more "Stuff" to do. On a whole people feel more stressed, yet in theory we have more labour saving devices in the home and yet we have less time. I've also noticed we are becoming more isolated. Social media is great at keeping us in contact with friends far and wide, but it should not come at the cost of face to face relationships. This time of year as the winter chill is appearing in the morning and evening and the clocks have gone back that hour, we come to a time of year where we tend to asses what has gone before and what is to come. A review of the year. We watch the leaves change colour from the vibrant greens to the golds, yellows reds and ombre hues of autmn. The crisp leaves on the ground, the seed heads and nuts all falling. The fungi appearing from no where and then almost melting back again. All this to make way for the resting time and rebirth to come. I have had an interesting year , where my body has decided to let something happen to it, in order for me to take a step back and rethink and regroup. I now do a weekly "Live@7" on my Crystal Tips Holistics facebook page. Where we look at everything from Confidence, Gut health, Vision Boards and more. On this page you will see offers, workshop dates, and seasonal treatments, along with inspirational quotes and useful information do do with seasonal eating and skin care There is also My Secrets to Fabulous Skin, Health and Wellness page too. reikihands on

Introducing the “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, #BU” course

I am passionate about helping others blossom and reach their full potential. Moving the gilded cage of your comfort zone or cage and moving your goal posts, enabling you to spread your wings and not just fly, but soar higher than you ever imagined. I will be using a variety of techniques to help you achieve this.

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******** STOP PRESS******* NEW YEAR, NEW YOU #BU


Exciting developments here at Crystal Tips Holistics and I couldnt wait to let you know what was in the pipe line.


I will be running a special course initially 4 two hour  or 2 four hour modlues " NEW YEAR, NEW YOU #BU".

We will be looking at your "blocks" and heping you find them and start to shift them. Following on with "Motivation" so what makes you tickand how we can get you to take action abd responsiliity for your  action. To your "goals" . Looking at stumbling blocks like "stress" meditatiion to suit you and "time management". We will have a session on confidence. There will be work books and notes to read through and suggested reading too. Our Last part is "visulisation" with belief and passion.

First of the two 4 hour sessions is Saturday January 4th , followed by February 1st.

The 2 hour sessions will run through out January. There will be 1 course running through FB live or Zoom and another here in Cheltenham face to face.


Book your place now. Early Bird Offer £120 for either course, book by December 12th 2018. £160 there after*

* Dependent on package taken, it could be more




Its nearly Christmas... so what's in store?

This year in particuar, has been a time of reflection. 100 years since hostilities ceased for World War 1. The Great War, that was going to end all wars. My husband's grandfather fought in it. My own grandfather was too young and my great grandfather had died before the war started. So why am I talking of this on an Holistic site?

HIstory is important as we should learn form it and not make the same errors of judgement again. But we do. Also we remember those who died, but not those who came back either physically or mentally scarred. Nor do we remember those that had to stay at home as they were in a reserved occupation. 

With my links to the Isle of Lewis I am also aware of a sad story that came to pass in the late hours of News Years eve 1918, when a boat carrying returning service men, ran in to difficulties off the coast of the Island and sank. With huge loss of life. It was called the Iolaire. So close to home after everyhting they had gone through and then lost.

In life we can set goals, but often give up before we get there, because.... fill in your reason. Lack of time, its not happening fast enough, lack of support.... Sometimes we have blocks that are preset during childhood, that need to be re assessed. Or self limiting beliefs that we beleive are facts not just beliefs. So we buid, what appear to be,  insurmountable walls that block our path or development. Over the past few months, on my Facebook page I have been doing  "LIVE" chats on Wednesdays at 7pm on these subjects. The feed back is interesting. Either watching them as I record them or later on replay, a number of people are feeling shifts and are changing their thought patterns, as they have realised that their comfort zone is, in actual fact, A guilded Cage. We shifted "lego bricks" instead of huge mountainous blockages and goals have been set and motion is taking place.

Also, as I know this time of year can be stressfull I have been running a special offer. Book 2 treatemnts for yourself or a friend. ! in November and the other in December and get both for £50 (payable on first visit). Treatments are usually £40 upwards. This is for reflexology, Reiki or Crystal Therapy.


*Aura Mapping or bespoke treatments are excluded from this offer.


So lets look forward to December and book in some "me" time. It helps you cope with  life and all it throws at you