A Dog called Lucy

I am having some fantastic result working on a lovely lady called Lucy. She damaged her cruciate ligament before Christmas. She initially had Reiki once every 4 days and is now down to once a week and is of her medication. She was doing really well, until she forgot her leg didn't work properly and tried to jump into the back of a Land Rover. She fell and unfortunately put her healing back about 3 -4 weeks.

If I stop her healing early she gives me a look with these deep, trusting brown eyes, followed by a neat jab with her nose between my hands to ask for more.

Lucy is a ten year old Collie, who was quite shy. When I turn up to treat her now, she gets on the the settee and looks at me expectantly and then just completely relaxes. I am going to miss our sessions as she has been a wonderful patient. At first she wasn't too sure, but when she offered me her injured back leg I knew she trusted me completely.