What if?



When you are a child you greet everythng with curiosity and wonder.Not once do you thnk someone or something isn't going to work out. It just is. By and large it does, the times it doesn't we look puzzeled and start again.So when does all that change?

When do we start looking for things to go wrong? when do we start complaining about life? When does it appear to start going, well, Pear shaped?

There is a saying " your tribe affects your vibe" and this is absolutely true. We often see it in others before we realise that it is true in ourselves. What do I mean?


 We can see a group of friends, relaitves or people we work with and they seem to complain about everything and anything. In that group they all do it. THey all seem to have an illness too, with the wrong medication and huge waits to see a Doctor ( who should be be on personal call , just for them) Everything  appears to go not quite right for them. What the group haven't woken up to is the fact that the more they complain and put out a low vibration/frequency, the more they attract the same.

The other side of the coin is a group of friends who all have their "shit" together, have nice holidays, very rarely get a day ill, keep fit have nice holidays.... THey more they celebrate good health, wealth and happiness, the more they get. Why? Because their vibrational frequency is high... What they put out there, they get back.

If you were able to choose which group would bring you up, or to socialise with, which would you choose?

If you were at a social event, which group would you want to hang out with?


Here's the next question and be honest, which group are you in or nearest to?

We talk about vision boards and manifesting, but if your thoughts and actions and therefore vibrational frequency is on the wrong level for what you wish to achive, guess what? its not going to happen the way you plan. You have to start working on how you operate, how you think.

Some steps sound simple but will be hard to change as habits are just that habits. Start by being grateful for what you have. Our predisposition might be to complain, or be ungraciuous " it's easy for her to say", "she was born with a silver spoon" "His parents can give him anything" all these statements are negative.

Don't just try, but actually change the way you think and speak. It will take time, yet the feeling and what happens will have an amazing affect. 

Stop talking yourself out of an action and truly think what could be the best outcome instead of the worse. At leats you have tried and more to the point, if it doesn't quite worked out a, you have treid, b, you have learned how not to do something and c, you are better equipped for the next time. If you don't try, you learn nothing, will probably say "nothing works" be ungrateful for the opportunity and complain.

Which camp do you want to be in?