We alll live very busy lives now, or so it seems.

In an age where we have technology for everything right down to turning on lights, we have no free time. Our grandparents had a labour intensive way of life compared to our lives, yet they had more time and had less stress. My grandma, had she been alive to day would have been 111. Hand washing clothes, beating rugs, polishing wood, moving hot water around a home after heating it up and a range that had to be kept going if you wanted hot food. But people appeared to be happier more content. Okay by the 60's when I appeared she had a washing machine (not a twin tub) a dishwasher, vaccum cleaner and as I recall a Kenwood clunky thing... it mixed cakes and peeled potatoes.

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The big difference is...People talked to one an another. Simple. Communal wash house, bath houses, village shops, work places, after work. Men talked too. They had physical jobs, so their bodies were being exercised (they probably didn't have much fresh air in mills, pits and factories). They had pubs and working mans clubs, where people let off steam, talked through their troubles without calling in a therpaist. They had jobs which would make today's Health and Safety executives quake in their boots. People used common sense not excuses for lack of thought. 


So much has improved, running water, electricty, gas, the world wide web, flights, workers rights, communication. But at the cost of human interaction. Right from the start now, babies are rarely in pushchairs or prams facing the parent/carer, they loose that interaction from an early age. Children learn in a very different way to adults. Learning from pre-birth to two on an Alpha wave length, then two to six/seven on Theta wavelength. They are human sponges. What they see, hear, experience at this age is the blue print , the Hard drive for the rest of their lives. They learn quicklyfrom hearing and observing.

As adults we appear to be glued to technology. Mobile phones are mini computers, we can stay in contact with people all around the world 24/7. We feel the need to respond to messages and emails straight away at a cost to our health and wellbeing. We are "zombi-ied", we walk round with this mini piece of techniology in our hands or pockets, ear pieces attached. We do this even when with our families and children. What is this teaching them? We get cross is someone interupts our stupor. We no longer connect with nature and the seasons as we are now very remote and out of touch. We miss the simple pleasures of daisy chains, the excitement of a child spotting a rabbit or squirral. We have lost that connection with our environment. We no longer connnect with and touch the earth.


I suspect if I said go and walk outside in bare feet, there would be a hundred excuses not to. Germs, cuts, not safe, needles.... But did you know by walking barefoot you are stimultaing over 3000, yes 3000 nerve endings on your foot. You are allowing yuor compete foot to move unrestricted, so allowing the tendons, ligaments and bones to move as they were intended. Reflexology is based on the theory that your feet mirror your body. Teeth, organs, brain, skeleton, lymphatic system etc. So if you are crampwd into tight socks, tights and shoes , imagine how that affects your entire body? Now imagine how walking barefoot would improve it?


Reflexology means the practioner stimulates areas of your feet that correspond to organs and so forth. It means that it can help relieve stress, help you relax, improve your sleep and therefore your quality of life. So book into today and see how I can make a difference