Affirmations. Do they work?

Well we are heading towards the third week in January 2019 and no doubt we are struggling to keep our New Year Resolutions.

We may have aches and pains that are holding us back from Yoga, Zumba, Gym or dog walking or even starting to clear out the spare room.

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Now, some of you will know that sometime in April last year I somehow managed to damage my foot. I eventually saw the Doctor, radiologists and MRI team. I’ve taken medication, Turmeric, magnesium and I have a great foot rub made for me by a friend at Spellbound Herbals.

Why am I telling you this? For a long time I have spoken to people about two books by the late Louise Hay: “Mirror Work” and “You can heal your life”. They are such simple concepts but both can lead to huge life changing results. I’ve checked the publishing date of my version 2002!

So back to the foot, when I read the description and matching affirmation I knew I hit the nail on the head. It resonated. I teach people about this book, but for some reason had forgotten about it when it came to my own health. The comment resonated so much, that I started applying the affirmation straight away. I am glad I did. It was only on day two, after being outside in the cold first thing in the morning, I realised that I couldn’t feel the constant nagging of the previous months. I even stood there and waggled, just in case.

So, what niggling pain or discomfort have you got? Either follow the links and buy the books or look up on the internet and see if it resonates. The thing is sometimes we choose to ignore things as we are not ready to learn. Other times, information comes to hand and it is so obvious, that we have to take action and it feels right to do so.

So take a look and re phrase your self-talk and see what you can achieve.