Self help?

You Can Change!

“Self-help”. The bookshops and E-book stores are loaded with these books. Whole shelves devoted to them. Different authors writing the same information in different styles, to suit the era or reader.


I know this as I have a good few book shelves devoted to them myself. What I have noticed though, is you can read a book once or part way through and resign it to sitting in a dust gathering heap next to the bed, because it didn’t suit you. You can pick it up in a few months’ time, or a year down the line and you will have a huge “light bulb” moment. It is exactly the same book, the words haven’t changed (I don’t think we are in Harry Potter land or the library at the Unseen University *)

What makes a point resonate now and not when you picked up the book initially? It’s down to where you are at the moment in time. I’m not talking geographically. I am talking in your head, in your personal development. I have books I can pick up and get nothing from and friends have told me how amazing they are. I have got nothing. I have recommended books and likewise, my friends have said interesting but got nothing of value from it.

Each author writes in their own style and that style of writing might not suit you. It doesn’t mean you can’t find the information you need to change direction. It just means you haven’t found the right book.

Sometimes we need to hear the words to get in to action to change.

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