Its Review Time

It’s Review Time

With the Christmas celebrations approaching, it is the time of year we start to review what we have done, achieved, loved and lost or gained.

It is also the time of year we start planning for the year ahead: holidays, personal development, diets, promises of getting fit or to give up something or start something new.

How often do you start the New Year with lots of good intentions, for them to drop away over the following weeks and months?

Would you like some help with staying on track? One of the easiest ways is to have an “accountability buddy”. This helps if they have the same or very similar aims as you have set yourself. So “Dry January” or quitting smoking or weight loss. This works really well as long as you don’t meet up in the local Vape shop, pub or café serving the best cakes in town. So you text, call or meet up regularly. If you feel a wobble coming on you drop them a line or speak to them. If you have completely wobbled and succumbed to the last cake standing, talk to them.

It is easier if you share the experience. You are more likely to succeed and stick to your goals. That’s why “diet” groups work. You are all there for the same reason and you support each other and get excited about the pounds dropping off. A gym buddy goes with you and watches you train and trains alongside each other. They are there for you on the rainy days when you don’t feel like pitching up because it is blowing a gale or you had bad news or rowed with the hamster.

Sometimes in life we just need support, someone who can understand what we are going through. There to support you through the highs and lows. We are becoming increasingly isolated as on line friendships grow. But we have the power of video messaging too, but we sometimes just need that hug.

So whatever your resolutions are, state them out loud and grab a friend to help you on your way.