Introducing the “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, #BU” course

I am passionate about helping others blossom and reach their full potential. Moving the gilded cage of your comfort zone or cage and moving your goal posts, enabling you to spread your wings and not just fly, but soar higher than you ever imagined. I will be using a variety of techniques to help you achieve this.


Run in Bishop’s Cleeve, near Cheltenham.

Too far away? Course running via Skype/Zoom

What is HOLDING you back? What are your BLOCKS? Do you lack or want more CONFIDENCE? Do you need a hand with coping with STRESS? What are your GOALS? How is your SELF BELIEF? Do you lack MOTIVATION?

Working through the above in 4, 2 hour modules (and work to carry out on yourself between modules), lets help you turn 2019 in to your best year yet.

There will be tears both of frustration and joy, so be prepared to face your hardest Task Critic: YOURSELF.

Working either in a group or One to One, we are going to look at what makes you tick (or not)

So, are YOU prepared to work hard on yourself? Are you prepared to face your truths head on? Are you prepared to be uncomfortable in order to grow? If the answer is YES, then you are truly going to grow.

Each course will start with a 30 minute call to look at what your biggest stumbling block is.

Both the 2 hour weekly sessions and the two, 4 hourly sessions will be over a month, to allow what you have learned about yourself to work into your everyday life.

The 2 Saturday sessions are booked for January 5th and February 2nd. Start time 9.45 to 10 am start. End 2.30 with a 30 minute break.

The weekly sessions we can book in, in advance.

Course is £160 for the full 4 modules and support. Over 8 hours dedicated to helping you break free and #BU

Early Bird booking is £120, on courses booked and paid for by December 12th.