Change is good, but living life is better

How many of us make and then break New Years Resoloutions? Alot of I guess. My not so New Year Resolution, was to update my Blog monthly. My technical nightmate/glitch is that I couldn'twork out how to get in to the background of the website. A small or not so small flaw in my grand plan. Bearing in mind my last Blog was about stress, I learnt to deal with it. I paid my wonderful web people Wombat to sort it out for me.

My challenge was to learn how to do it myself. I have, I can and I did. It also helped that a permission was reinstated so that I could.  So don't stress about the little things.

For the last few months I have stressed about an exam and the physical journey to it. The more I thought about exams, it got bigger and scarier. The more I thought about the 500 mile journey it entailed, the more i didn't want to do it or the exam.. BUT, the week before the exam, I lost a job that I enjoyed. I was determined to use the week between the BIG SHOCK and my exam wisely. Even down to visualising a beautiful drive up and down the M5/6

Change happens for a reason, not that under the cloud of self doubt  at the time, you can see it. Change is good. We get so caught up in the everyday , that we forgetting about living and don't even think about fulfilling our potential.

I know from what my life has thrown at me, that it is mindset that gets you through. Now in 1996, my life through me a huge curveball and the exsistence I had had, for over 10 years was taken away from me. I had no choice in the matter. The choice I did have and I made at the time was "I wasn't going to be beaten" It is now common practice to see inspirational quotes in homes, FaceBook Instagram etc, back then, it wasn't. Back in September 1996, I wrote my own inspirational quotes on A4 sheets of paper, so they were the last things I saw when I left the house and the first thing I saw when I came home. 21 years on I still have 2 of the T Shirts that inspired me, through their quotes.

Mind set got me through then, and it does today.

Now I am running workshops on Mindset, not because I read a book, but because I have experienced what it can achieve and how it can have a profound impact on your life..


So think positive thoughts, catch the negative thought processes and bin them and start living your life.