Reiki in action

The past 2 weeks have proved interesting. I continue to work on Lucy ( The sheep dog), but less frequently now. She is showing a vast improvement and has been drug free for a number of weeks. I also had the opportunity to work on two horses. They have both calmed down since my visit.

My Aura readings are proving themselves by the results. My clients look more relaxed and happier when they leave.

The Community Café at Newbiggin, where I hold Reiki sessions for 2 hours on a Wednesday are proving to be a draw. I love seeing people unwind and relax, letting go of tension as I work with them.

What else, well I am looking forward to working with Amanda The Angel Mystic at the Tithe Barn in Carlisle, on the Saturday evening before Mother’s Day. I will be giving mini Aura Readings there. If you book in advance, you will receive a mini card reading too.