First ever reading by Skype

Just done my first ever card reading by Skype and here is the feed back...No I didn't bribe her x

"I have just had a wonderful card reading with Alex MacLean Milner. The reading was so accurate about my current situation, the areas I need to address and where I go from here.

Deep down I knew the areas I need to deal with, but there seemed to be so much that I couldn't think clearly or break things down in to manageable chunks. This reading told me how to do that, not what to do, but what steps to take in order to achieve what I really want in life.

Not only were the cards accurate, but Alex's wisdom and compassion shone through. I felt she held a safe and sacred space to help me see more clearly.

She did an amazing job because I didn't just have one question. I was very general and as we both agreed, it felt as though I was like thinking through treacle. I feel much clearer, focused and confident that I can do this now. I also feel a lot more peaceful and believe that is the result of being held in her beautiful, loving energy."