What if?



When you are a child you greet everythng with curiosity and wonder.Not once do you thnk someone or something isn't going to work out. It just is. By and large it does, the times it doesn't we look puzzeled and start again.So when does all that change?

When do we start looking for things to go wrong? when do we start complaining about life? When does it appear to start going, well, Pear shaped?

There is a saying " your tribe affects your vibe" and this is absolutely true. We often see it in others before we realise that it is true in ourselves. What do I mean?


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We alll live very busy lives now, or so it seems.

In an age where we have technology for everything right down to turning on lights, we have no free time. Our grandparents had a labour intensive way of life compared to our lives, yet they had more time and had less stress. My grandma, had she been alive to day would have been 111. Hand washing clothes, beating rugs, polishing wood, moving hot water around a home after heating it up and a range that had to be kept going if you wanted hot food. But people appeared to be happier more content. Okay by the 60's when I appeared she had a washing machine (not a twin tub) a dishwasher, vaccum cleaner and as I recall a Kenwood clunky thing... it mixed cakes and peeled potatoes.

reflexology words

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All Change


As some of you will know, Crystal Tips Holistics evolved and  the web site was developed in 2013 along with the name.

Now, 6 years later, over 200 miles further south and an expansion of my original therapies, it is time for a change. We've added teaching,

Coaching and Mentoring to what we do. 

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February Offers

Good afternoon, 

Did you know that I run limited time offers for therapies on my Face Book Page? Check it out

We have a wonderful gift idea for Valentines day. A special Reflexology treatment.heart


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Affirmations. Do they work?

Well we are heading towards the third week in January 2019 and no doubt we are struggling to keep our New Year Resolutions.

We may have aches and pains that are holding us back from Yoga, Zumba, Gym or dog walking or even starting to clear out the spare room.

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