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Alex hshot

I was born and lived in Halifax, West Yorkshire before moving to Scotland, my spiritual homeland and then on toCumbria. I have had interesting career path from sales assistant and Benefits Officer to working in the motorcycle industry as a rep, a parts manager & a shop manager. I also passengered racing sidecars up to national level for 5 years and indoor climbing. Along the way I trained and worked as a Fitness Instructor too.

I became interested in Holistic Therapies by accident some 20 years ago. I was introduced to Reiki in a round about manner, not really knowing what it was. I have, as long as I remember, had an aversion to pill popping for the sake of it, and have known that there must be alternatives and that a good number of our chemical drugs and medicines had their roots in natural remedies and plants. So I suppose my interest in alternatives has been around for a very long time. Which is why I offer the wonderful Arbonne range of products alongside my therapies and workshops. They are Botanically based, Vegan certified, Skincare, and wellness range with Swiss Heritage.

Having had my initial brush with Reiki and Reiki training I decided I had to find out more and wanted to learn to "do it properly". My instincts were correct, in that I knew and felt what I had already been taught wasn't the full story.

I found my Reiki Master at a Mind, Body Soul event in Glasgow. She is Welsh, but at the time lived in  north Cumbria. So I started again. Over the years I trained up to Reiki Master level, having my Master attunements at the stone circle of Calanais on the Isle of Lewis, my dad's homeland.

I studied further to train in Karuna Reiki to Master level, Crystal Therapies and Reflexology. At the moment I am learning about Celtic Shamanism and in training. I will continue to learn.

Throughh my practice, I can also offer bespoke treatements, tailored to what you are in need of.

I love my journey and I know there is more to come....

Namaste and Blessings


Customer Comments

I had a crystal reading with Alex. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but she’s such a vibrant, lovely lady, she instantly put me at ease. Her guidance helped to clear my mind and make some quite huge decisions in my life. I will definitely visit Alex again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a little guidance, dealing or support. ❤️

- JH